Wireless 1588 PTP


Experience precise and reliable synchronization like never before with our state-of-the-art 1588 PTP solution. We offer the perfect synergy of cutting-edge technology and industry expertise, ensuring that your network, devices, and applications operate flawlessly in sync. Say goodbye to timing inconsistencies and hello to unparalleled precision that’s vital in today’s interconnected world. Trust our 1588 PTP solution to keep your systems perfectly timed, opening up new possibilities for your business operations.

Our commitment to innovation drives us to develop solutions that stay ahead of the curve. We’re constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in PTP technology, creating solutions that empower our customers to excel in their fields.


* Sub Nano-second time and phase accuracy

* Multi Constellatin GNSS ref

* Alternative and Complementary to Hold-Over Requirements

* Accurate & Instantaneous Doppler Shift Sensing

* Synthetic Ultra Wide Band (S-UWB) Technology

The Driving Force

Our Chronos development board series is your gateway to endless possibilities. With both the hardware and software being in-house, we tap into the ultimate potential of this  powerful FPGA board. It empowers you to turn your ideas into reality.


  • Single Chip SoC
  • SolutionImproved SWaP + Cost
  • Built-In WiFi IoT Compatibilit
  • Strategic Partnership with SoC Vendor (US)
    Specializing in RF Front-End IC, PHY, and MAC.


  • Customizable from 0.5GHz to 6GHz
  • Multiple Applications + 5G
  • IEEE 1588 Compatible
  • Multifunction Daughter Card


  • SDR + FPGA Custom Board allows multiple configuration
  • 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz Dual Band Tx
  • Tunable VCTCXO, VCOCXO Options