PhasorLab is a wireless technology company

Providing Innovative solutions to the GPS-challenged environment, robust and jammer-resistant technologies that can be deployed anywhere, and scale automatically capable of providing Position, Navigation and Timing (PNT) Services.

About Us

Phasor lab technology innovation and solutions

  • Autonomous time-synchronized network on the ground that can scale seamlessly and mobile while maintaining economic constraint for mass deployment.
  • Create hyper-synchronized network using off-theshelf radio component yet rivaling networks with atomic clocks.
  • Self-Organizing Mesh Network that delivers picosecond level time synchronization.
  • Mobile nature of the network allows dynamic deployment wherever needed.

High-Precision Synchronization Technology

Wireless Phase Locked Loop Technology

Self-Organizing Wireless Mobile Mesh Network with Positioning

Accurate & Instantaneous Doppler Shift Correction

Efficient Angle of Arrival (AoA) Measurement technique for 3D Vector Tracking

Super Resolution Positioning Technology