Next Generation Wireless Technology

Communication, Synchronicity, PNT

Our Technology

We provide a mobile wireless mesh network platform with Atomic clock precision over wireless mesh network and frequency synchronization

Hyper Sync Net by PhasorLab is a Hyper Synchronized Wireless Mobile Mesh Communication Network capable of delivering high-precision time(<1ns) and frequency synchronization(<1pps), as well as network-wide PNT services to all the mobile units as part of a highly secure mobile communication network.

The secret sauce Hyper-Sync Net


GPS-free UAS Navigation System featuring our Hyper-Sync Net (HSN) Technology.

Decimeter level 3-D Tracking and low latency time space awareness for 3D Mapping


Efficient on-demand self-organizing communication mesh network for high data throughput and PNT applications.

The HSN gives the ability for communications in GPS-Denied Environment.

Intelligent Routing Algorithm & Dynamic Resource Block Allocation



Our High-Precision Carrier Synchronization Technology is a genuine breakthrough in synchronization technology.

GPS trained Time source with Wireless link capability makes it the ideal 1588 PTP solution.

Our Products


Hyper Sync Net delivers sub-nanosecond time synchronization and better than 1 part-per-billion frequency synchronization.

Centimeter-level 2D and decimeter-level 3D positioning accuracy. Ideal for autonomous Drone and Air Taxi Takeoff and Landing.

Hyper Sync Net’s Self-Expanding capabilities allows nodes to seamlessly join the mesh network and there is no limit on the number of nodes (Infinity Mesh) joining the network.

IEEE 1588 is a tiered industry standard for distributing timing throughout a network for time sensitive applications such as communications, high frequency trading, power distribution, and data gathering.

Other solutions, like IEEE 1588 PTP, SyncE, and White Rabbit require fixed and costly infrastructure. Synchronicity delivers precise, wireless timing as a cost-effective and flexible solution.

 The Synchronicity GM1 interfaces with existing 1588 equipment so it can be used to patch and expand existing 1588 networks, as well as create new networks.