High-Precision Synchronization

Superior indoor & outdoor accuracy.

High-Precision Network-Based Positioning

Single Reference 3-D Positioning

Efficient Angle-of-Arrival Technology

High-Precision Velocity Tracking

High-Dynamic Range Doppler Shift Detection



Hyper Sync Net (HSN) by PhasorLab

Hyper Sync Net by PhasorLab is a Hyper Synchronized Wireless Mobile Mesh Communication Network capable of delivering high-precision time and frequency synchronization, as well as network-wide PNT services to all the mobile units as part of a highly secure mobile communication network.

Hyper Sync Network

Our High-Precision Carrier Synchronization Technology is a genuine breakthrough in synchronization technology. Being truly blind network synchronization system, our technology does not rely on a beacon or preamble, while providing superior time and carrier synchronization accuracy better than networks relying on GPS or IEEE 1588.

Single-Reference 3-D Positioning

Our unique technology for measuring the Angle-of-Arrival of RF carrier signals can eliminate the need for a phased array antenna system for measuring AoA. At its minimal configuration our system is capable of creating 3-D vector positioning system utilizing only a single node equipped with only a single transceiver (SISO) radio utilizing our high-degree of carrier synchronization technology.

HSN Demo as GPS Backup for DOT at JBCC

PhasorLab’s Hyper Sync Net (HSN) as GPS Backup was demonstrated at JBCC on Cape Cod for Department of Transportation in March 2020.

Hyper Sync Net for Positioning

Utilizing our High-Precision Synchronization Technology, our Hyper Sync Net is capable of maintaining time synchronization of better than 1 nanosecond and frequency synchronization of better than 1 ppb, which is key to achieving a centimeter-level target tracking accuracy for our network-based positioning systems suitable for both indoor & outdoor applications.

SyncMultiHop PNT DroneAoa 5min

PhasorLab’s Hyper Sync Net Technology Demo. It includes High-Precision Time Sync, Self-Organizing Mesh Network for PNT, and Positioning based on Angle of Arrival.

Hyper Sync Net for UAV Positioning

Phasor lab is continuing to develop applicationsin HSN in the space UAV navigation is current test plateform is a tarot hexacopter with an HSN node and gps module collecting data to determine a post process kinemtic or PPK solution which with its centimeter level precision is our positioning reference.